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Business Domain Name Registration and Trademark Protection

Domain name registration is an IMPORTANT step for any business. Almost all businesses need to be online even if only for PR. Sometimes business owners don’t have all the information in order to take a decision regarding a Domain Name. This happens because of high level of technical information, not enough literature on the subject, and a lot of time misguided information. What is a Domain Name?
Every domain …

Anti Spam Techniques – How to Prevent and Stop Email SPAM

… communication. You should use a special email account only for this kind of communication. This might even be a free account like “Gmail” or “Live” accounts. This will avoid getting this IMPORTANT account spammed. If you don’t know the sender of an unsolicited email, delete the message immediately. Never buy from unsolicited emails. You might get scammed and end up on a spammers’ list. Do not answer spam messages and do not click on any links in spam messages. The “Unsubscribe” …