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Google Plus for Small Businesses – Promote your Online Content

The New Social Network – Google Social media is not a new trend in promoting online content. Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, and more recently Facebook and Twitter are used for quite some time by companies and writers to promote content. Search engines used to love social media to rank web content, and they are still relying on social media to get signals, but the importance of these signals is not what it used to be. This however doesn’t mean that social media is dead for content

Scalix Administration – Useful Commands

… lsof –I:143 lsof -i :5733 ps -ef | grep postmaster Users unable to VIEW the inbox content Try the following steps. Run: omshowu -n username -f This should give you the location of the user folder similar to this "~/user/g000038". Go to /var/opt/scalix/ll/s/user/g000035 (in our case) and remove the "imap-cache" directory then restart the imap server (users will get logged off). rm -r imap-cache STOP and START IMAP Restart IMAP service: omoff -d 0 -a IMAP & omon IMAP Users unable to …

Start a Blog – Dedicated WordPress Hosting

… define the goals of your writing. If it’s a personal blog most likely you don’t need any goals. But on the other hand if it’s a business’ blog your main goals could be promotion of your business main website, drive traffic to specific areas of this website, or simply a PR campaign. How often and who will write content and who will publish/approve your posts? Once you have determined the initial steps you can go forward and think about the technical details of your blog. …