Content Marketing and Social Media

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… Google+ shares, and plus ones, reshares on Twitter, Stumbleupon votes, etc… Interestingly, Google has stated that social signals have to validate in time as well, in order to be taken in consideration. Some SEO specialists think that social signals will start to validate in the third year of social networking activity. If the social signals drop after the first year, all the signals are lost. For a search engine this means that either the subject lost public interest, or the social signals …

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Google Plus for Business – A Must for Any Company on the Web

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… the scenes, that Google won’t disclose, but SEO experts have analyzed all of the patents submitted by Google, and found a lot about their long term plans. They are planning to use their social networking platform not only for content rating, and for getting trust signals, they are also getting indicators of the authority of a web writer or a business.¬†Google+¬†is a way to identify authors on the WEB, to rate and rank them, and a way to enhance the other online properties with this social …

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Google Plus for Small Businesses – Promote your Online Content

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… traffic generating tool. Note the future tense, but I’ll get there soon. Why it is the best social media platform? There are a few technical and aesthetic reasons that make Google Plus a better social networking platform, not only for marketing experts, but for people who use it to keep in contact with friends and family. It features a video conferencing module with ten full participants, and unlimited watch and listen. The post size limit is 100,000 characters, the best among social …

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Troubleshoot a Slow Computer Network – Your Computer is Slow and Not the Network

Slow Data Transfer is not Always caused by the Network Slow data transfers are sometimes caused by a slow computer. Determine if the computer is the reason by comparing the transfer speed with a different computer connected on the same switch port. If the speed is the same, the problem is your network. If you get faster data transfers with a different computer then the problem is the computer. A computer could be slow because of various reasons: A bad network card. Troubleshoot: Swap the …

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Mnemonic – Network Cable Standards

If you are crimping a lot of RJ45 patch-cords and you always forget the wire sequence, here is a Simple method to remember the wire sequence and colors. I always use the same standard and by doing so I don’t have to check all the times what particular standard i used on a specific cable. I use the T568B standard because there is a mnemonic to remember the wires order. The order of the wires always alternates striped color with solid color. Then the order of colors is RGBB, (the mnemonic …

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