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Scalix Administration – Useful Commands

Scalix is now a mature email server, reliable and powerful, that can accommodate environments with thousands of users. Most of the tasks can be accomplished using the web interface, which is a nice and intuitive interface. However, not all the tasks needed for a day to day administration are available from the web interface. Here are some command line Scalix administration commands for the daily use as an email administrator. Check Scalix services from CLI omstat –a omstat –s lsof –i:25 …

Compress files in Windows

… and easier way to do this is to use the Windows’ Graphical Interface and access the Advanced File Properties and select Compress contents to save disk space. Compact – Compress files or folders from command line If you would like to compress files from a batch file use this command line variant. Usually if you access the advanced file properties, (right-click => properties and => advanced) you have the option to compress contents to save space. Another good use of the command

Troubleshoot a Slow Computer Network – Your Computer is Slow and Not the Network

… computer might be infected with a virus or a Trojan. Troubleshoot: scan the computer for viruses. On a Windows machine run the command “netstat -a -b” to see what ports are being used and which program is using them. Use a network sniffer and monitor the network activity on the specific computer. The transfer is intermittently slow, check what background processes are using the CPU, Memory, and hard-drives. Windows Vista can sometimes be a resources hog by allocating too many …