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Email address Spoofing – Someone is Using My address to Send Spam

You just got a bounce-back email saying that your email didn’t reach the destination because the recipient doesn’t exist. Nothing unusual, this is something that happens to anybody who is using email regularly; except you didn’t send that email. How could this happen? If you are an email server administrator and many of your users get this kind of bounce-back they all start to complain at once, thinking that your server has been hijacked. What can you do to stop this, and how to reassure your users that you haven’t been hijacked?

Preventing Domain Name Spam

Domain Name Spam is a spamming technique where the sender only knows the domain name and he doesn’t have any valid email address in the domain. The technique involves sending emails to all the possible combinations or to a nicely crafted dictionary.

Domain Name Registration Spam – Scam

Domain Name Registration spamming and scamming are more and more used by certain companies to make profits.
These scams make use of our misinformation, human weakness and public information on the Domain Registration to make us buy domain names at extremely high prices.

Anti Spam Techniques – How to Prevent and Stop Email SPAM

Email SPAM has become one of the worst annoying things associated to Internet communication.
There are many things you can do to avoid SPAM. There are preventive measures and there are remedial actions.
Read in this article what can you do to stop SPAM.

Chain Letters and Spam Email

Email Chain letters are one of the sneakiest and devious ways of SPAM. They ca be considered a particular case of social engineering.
Chain Letters target human weakness and the lack of information.
This article will explain why chain letters are bad and how to avoid them.