How to Recover Deleted Pictures or Files – Data Recovery Tools and Techniques

Trashed hard drive

… computer problems. I will explain this later in the document. This tutorial is created for Windows computers, and it assumes you have a minimum knowledge of operating in a Windows Operating System. If you don’t know how to operate in a Windows environment, your best bet is to go to a local computer repair shop. How To Recover Deleted Pictures or Files? The Computer IS Fine, But My Files Are Gone If the computer is fine and it doesn’t behave erratically, most likely you accidentally …

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Copy and Backup Utility Review – Robocopy or Xcopy, Which One?

Compress Contents to Save Disk Space

… a complex copy job Xcopy will do it. Xcopy is part of the operating system, it comes with Windows, whereas robocopy needs to be copied from another system, or you need to install the Resource Kit. To put it more simple, xcopy is always available as the shell command “copy”. Features of Xcopy and Robocopy Why not use the shell command copy then, is the next question. Because “copy” is just too minimal and cannot accomplish what the other two can. It only copies files and …

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Troubleshoot a Slow Computer Network – Your Computer is Slow and Not the Network

… computer might be infected with a virus or a Trojan. Troubleshoot: scan the computer for viruses. On a Windows machine run the command “netstat -a -b” to see what ports are being used and which program is using them. Use a network sniffer and monitor the network activity on the specific computer. The transfer is intermittently slow, check what background processes are using the CPU, Memory, and hard-drives. Windows Vista can sometimes be a resources hog by allocating too many …

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How to send emails from a batch file in Windows

Did you ever wanted to send automatic emails, whether the sending was triggered by an event or just wanted to send the email at a certain time of the day or month?
I am not talking about Email Marketing Software, although that sounds interesting too. I am talking about sending emails from a batch file. You make a backup of a file and need to know when the task was finished or you want to send some files to a group of users, let’s say some weekly reports, logs, the contents of an html form, etc… How do you do that? Here is a real example.

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