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Public Email Addresses Cause a Lot of Spam

… newest email address. The automatic reply should also mention the website page that contains the newest contact information. (Let’s say you changed three email addresses within a week, a client who added you in their Address Book a week ago will have to send three emails to reach you. The email addresses should be rather complex than intuitive, see this article for explanations:Preventing Domain Name Spam. Create and maintain a list with all of the Web Pages and Social media sites

Anti Spam Techniques – How to Prevent and Stop Email SPAM

… legislation. What Can You Do to Prevent Email SPAM? Spam Preventing Strategies and Behavior First of all do not give your email address to dubious sites or people you don’t trust. If you need to subscribe to various doubtful sites you need to create a second email account that you can easily discard when the SPAM level becomes intolerable. Even better, have three accounts. At least one account should be dispensable. Do not publish your email address on your web-pages. These are regularly …

Social bookmarking as a way to increase your Website’s traffic

What is Social Bookmarking? Social bookmarking is a great way to improve your website’s ranking and traffic in Search Engines. SB are websites that provide subscribers a way to save their bookmarks on a central server and retrieve them from any computer. The nice thing about it is that you can share some of those bookmarks with other users, based on interests or friendship. Google and the other Search Engines take these SB sites very seriously because that is the user’s choice and they want …