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How to send emails from a batch file in Windows

… sender@some-domain.com -noh -to %RecipientList% -subject "Reports %Filetosend%" -body "Attached you will find your Jet Report" -attach "%OutputPath%\%date%-%Filetosend%.zip" :: We disconnect the network net use /delete %InputPath% :: Remove all the variables Set Base-Folder= Set InputPath= Set OutputPath= Set RecipientList= If you found this article useful, post a link to this page or make a comment. You can also comment with improvements of the batch. If you are looking at a way to …

Internet Marketing – How To Improve the Inbound Links to Your Website

link Building is an important part of the Internet Marketing. Despite of various opinions, link building is going to be one of the major ways to improve SEO for the near future. link building is a tedious part of the Internet Marketing Consultant, but is very rewarding and can turn invisible sites into popular ones. …

Internet Marketing – 16 Ways to Get Back-links

… a parameter to determine the Page Rank of a webpage. They are still a source of traffic but is not as important as search results traffic direct traffic or advertising traffic. Everybody has now recognized the importance of backlinking and it is an important aspect of the Internet Marketing. Some companies spend a lot of money trying to improve linking popularity and consequently Page Ranking. There are various types of linking methods used by the Internet Marketers: Reciprocal link