Hubpages vs Squidoo – How to Make Money Blogging

Quantcast Squidoo vs Hubpages

Start Blogging, not Managing Websites When you start to learn how to make money blogging, one of the big challenges is the steep learning curve. There are many more issues, and we will touch them one by one, but the biggest problem for a beginner is the learning curve. You just don’t know what to do, how to manage your website, how to setup a website, and not even how to write. Don’t feel offended here, you are a good writer, otherwise you wouldn’t even think about this business, but …

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How to Copy Large Files over VPN or Other Unreliable Network Connections

Network Error

Large file transfer over VPN is a problem for many companies for a few reasons, transfer is unreliable, VPN traffic kills the Internet connection, and it is unproductive. This article will show you how to copy large files over VPN or other unreliable network connections, and some of the best software to deal with this, and best practices to deal with large file transfer, and how to ensure file integrity. These are, in my experience, the best way to do it. You have to evaluate yourself, if they …

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Google Plus for Business Setup

Google+ logo

… more followers for both your personal profile, and your business’s page. SOme of the settings can be hidden, if you have any concerns, but I think that the more transparent you are, the better for your business. The more information you enter, the easier will be for Google to connect you with the right people. For more information on how to setup a profile check this page: how to Set Up a Google Plus Profile Google Plus For Business Setup – Step By Step Once you have your user …

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How To Get Followers on Google+

Google+ Power Tip – how to Get Engaging Followers Like any social network, Google+ works better to promote your content, if you have more followers. how to get followers on Google+ though, it looks like nobody wants to connect with your personal profile, or your page? Well, you have to take action yourself if you want more attention. It’s like socializing in real life, if you open the discussion, you can get anyone to talk to you, but most people are shy, and won’t There are …

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Pinterest Rss Feeds

Pinterest Logo

… The RSS Feed of your Pinboards The rss feed of your Pinterest boards is obtained by removing the trailing / at the end of the URL, and adding .rss to the end of your board’s URL. For instance an interesting board such as will have the rss feed: That’s all that is. And make sure you check my article about how to find your unfollowers …

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Google Plus for Small Businesses – Promote your Online Content

Google+ Logo

… “how to”, from someone who uses the platform to its maximum capabilities. Buy Now   how to Start with Google Plus If you already have a Google+ account and actively using it, you can skip the first two steps, as they are meant to help new users. You just need a Google account, and most people have one. Go to and sign in with your existing account, you do have a Gmail account don’t you? If you don’t have one you will be offered to create …

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How To Find Pinterest Unfollowers – Pinterest Unfollow Tool

Pinterest Unfollowers small

how to Find Pinterest Unfollowers – Pinterest Unfollow Tool Removing Pinterest users that do not follow you, or they unfollowed you is not and easy task. Pinterest does not make sorting and finding your unfollowers a simple process. In theory, you shouldn’t worry too much about how many people you follow and they don’t follow back, but in practice, there are some advantages to clean your profile. You followed a few hundred people, and now your feed is filling up your feed with their …

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How to Recover Deleted Pictures or Files – Data Recovery Tools and Techniques

Trashed hard drive

… computer problems. I will explain this later in the document. This tutorial is created for Windows computers, and it assumes you have a minimum knowledge of operating in a Windows Operating System. If you don’t know how to operate in a Windows environment, your best bet is to go to a local computer repair shop. how to Recover Deleted Pictures or Files? The Computer IS Fine, But My Files Are Gone If the computer is fine and it doesn’t behave erratically, most likely you accidentally …

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Copy and Backup Utility Review – Robocopy or Xcopy, Which One?

Compress Contents to Save Disk Space

Robocopy or Xcopy Which One to Use? These two command line file copy utilities seem to provide the same functions. However don’t be deceived by the number of options xcopy provides. It is just a as it is a poor relative of the more robust, featured, When to Use Xcopy and When to use Robocopy? If you need advanced features such as backing-up, type of copy and you want 100% reliability of the copy process then Robocopy (robust copy) is your choice. If on the other hand, you don’t have …

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Centos Network Configuration – on a Barebones from Command Line

Centos Logo

Centos Network Configuration – is very simple on a full installation. However, I downloaded the Centos’ “Minimal Install” cd and used yum to install various packages I needed. The simple way to do it if you have a standard installation is to use the Network Administration Tool (system-config-network), which is a graphical interface to edit the configuration files. Since I haven’t installed this tool, I needed to edit the files manually. how to Configure Network in …

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