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Copy and Backup Utility Review – Robocopy or Xcopy, Which One?

Robocopy or Xcopy Which One to Use? These two command line file copy utilities seem to provide the same functions. However don’t be deceived by the number of options xcopy provides. It is just a as it is a poor relative of the more robust, featured, When to Use Xcopy and When to use Robocopy? If you need advanced features such as backing-up, type of copy and you want 100% reliability of the copy process then Robocopy (robust copy) is your choice. If on the other hand, you don’t have …

Start a Blog – Dedicated WordPress Hosting

… define the goals of your writing. If it’s a personal blog most likely you don’t need any goals. But on the other hand if it’s a business’ blog your main goals could be promotion of your business main website, drive traffic to specific areas of this website, or simply a PR campaign. How often and who will write content and who will publish/approve your posts? Once you have determined the initial steps you can go forward and think about the technical details of your blog. …

Public Email Addresses Cause a Lot of Spam

The Inter-Department debate Within most of the companies there are two views about how the technology should be used. Marketing is always looking for ways to attract people to get potential customers involved in Companies’ activities. Sometimes they would do anything to make the Web site visitors rise, even if this doesn’t translate into sales. There is a little desperation in their actions. Many times this translates into SPAM, and exposure to other attacks. On the other hand