How to Make an Ethernet Patch-cord

Tools and supplies needed for a network patch cord: Twisted pairs cable Scissors or cutter pliers RJ45 male connectors Good quality Crimper Start by stripping the pvc cover off the twisted pairs cable. Remove about 3inches (7cm). Separate and untwist the wires. Arrange the wires in order using your favorite cabling standard. Use the same … Read more

Computer Network – RJ45 Crimper

Crimping tool The crimper is very often the cause of bad connections. Buy a good quality crimper even if you use it for a few cables. Here are some problems associated with cheap crimpers: Uneven force applied on the pins because of the angled compression. Uneven wearing of the teeth and general faster wearing of … Read more

How to make a Loopback Cable

Sometimes in order to test a computer’s hardware or software we need a network link for the network adapter. The solution, very often, is to carry around a hub.
If you don’t want to carry around a hub, or you simply don’t have it, you can create a network loopback cable. The loopback cable will work as the computer was connected to a real network transmitting and receiving packets. This kind of setup allows the technician to troubleshoot hardware.