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Crimper Pro RJ45
Good Quality Crimper RJ45

Crimping tool

The crimper is very often the cause of bad connections. Buy a good quality crimper even if you use it for a few cables. Here are some problems associated with cheap crimpers:

  • Uneven force applied on the pins because of the angled compression.
  • Uneven wearing of the teeth and general faster wearing of the teeth.
  • The poor design of the crimper presses on the locking tabs and it reduces its flexibility to almost breaking them.
  • You need to apply two-three times more force when using a cheap crimper. You don’t have a ratchet system to guarantee a fully closed crimp and a release mechanism upon a complete crimp.

A good quality crimper will avoid all of the above and it will greatly improve your productivity; your RJ45 connectors will operate as expected for longer time; A good crimping tool costs 4 – 6 times more than the cheap ones. A good quality RJ45 crimper applies the force at the same time on all of the teeth, has a ratchet system and a release mechanism.

Crimper RJ45
Crimper RJ45

Cheap Crimping Tool
Cheap Crimping Tool

Professional Crimper RJ45
Professional Crimper RJ45

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2 thoughts on “Computer Network – RJ45 Crimper”

  1. My experience is that you need to spend the money for a commercial or professional RJ45 Crimper tool even if for home use. There is a lot of junk on the market and if you plan on running a lot of data cabling in your home you should buy the best (i.e. Belkin.)

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