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How To documents with practical advices and detailed description for various Information Technology tasks.
The articles are mainly focused on Small and Medium Businisses but they can easily apply to large businisses as well.

Patch Panel

Snagless RJ45 connectors – How To Make Network Cables Snagless

Snagless RJ45 Connectors – the Odd RequestSnagless RJ45 connectors are that odd request that my department makes from time to time. Why do you need RJ45 connectors anyway, it’s the invariable answer from supervisors, and the typical reminder: “You have …

Scalix Logo

Scalix Administration – Useful Commands

Scalix is now a mature email server, reliable and powerful, that can accommodate environments with thousands of users. Most of the tasks can be accomplished using the web interface, which is a nice and intuitive interface. However, not all the …

Compress files in Windows

As a Windows System Administrator, when I compress files in Windows, I don’t always use the same method, because the scenarios are different. Here are a three compression methods and a batch script to automatically compress folders individually.