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Google Plus for Business Setup

Google+ logoGoogle Plus, the new and upcoming social media platform, aims to be a bit more than that. Google disguises a complex social rating machinery, into its social media platform. Any serious business that is present on the WEB should setup a Google plus page, and be active on the platform. Google+ is still a young platform, but it is constantly growing, and the potential is huge.

Create or Update Your Google+ User Profile

To set up Google + for a business, you need to have a Google account.  If you use Gmail, that account can be used to set up your Google+ user profile. IMPORTANT: use real data for your Google account, it is very important to be trusted. If you have an Adwords account it means you have done business with Google before, and they know you are a real person. Either way go to and login, or create an account. Fill in all of the profile’s fields, trying to be as meaningful as possible, and to create a great image. This profile will help you later get more followers for both your personal profile, and your business’s page. SOme of the settings can be hidden, if you have any concerns, but I think that the more transparent you are, the better for your business. The more information you enter, the easier will be for Google to connect you with the right people. For more information on how to setup a profile check this page: How To Set Up a Google Plus Profile

Google Plus For Business Setup – Step By Step

Story Google+

Once you have your user profile properly set up, you can proceed to your page creation.  The page is your way to make your business known, stand out from the crowd, and to let people know what is your business about. Even if your business is well known, you have the opportunity to promote aspects of your business that do not fit on your web page.

Make sure you fill in all the fields possible on your page, you upload a nice, original image for the cover. This should be an image that represents your business, and the recommended size is 1080 x 608.

The tagline and the introduction are your opportunity to reinforce your business values, or to stand out.

On the links section enter your website’s address, this is particularly important for verifying your affiliation with the website. Also add any other pages, or websites that are pertinent, secondary business websites, Facebook, or Twitter profiles, Google communities, forums, etc… These pages and sites make up your business online portfolio, and listing them on your page increases their authority, and allows Google to better understand your business.

When you list your website, you will also be asked to verify your website, this means you have to add on your website, a link to your page. The link is specially crafted to include the rel=”publisher” tag. This tag should actually be present on all of your pages, this associates your business, with your web content, and your Google+ page.
On the contact field put your business’s contact information such as phone number, and a contact page. You might want to avoid listing an email address, because this could be spammed, but you can list one if you are willing to change that often.

change the profile picture

Lastly, you need to change your profile picture, if you haven’t already done so as part of the setup wizard. The picture could be your business logo, a picture of your product, an image showing the owner, or anything that is not generic, and can be easily identifiable with your business. Do not forget to add this image to your page as this is how Google+ users will see your profile when you post on behalf of the page.

Now that you have a page on Google+ you can start posting interesting things, and get new followers. A quick start is my page about How To Get Followers on Google+



How To Get Followers on Google+

Google+ Power Tip – How To Get Engaging Followers

Like any social network, Google+ works better to promote your content, if you have more followers. How to get followers on Google+ though, it looks like nobody wants to connect with your personal profile, or your page? Well, you have to take action yourself if you want more attention. It’s like socializing in real life, if you open the discussion, you can get anyone to talk to you, but most people are shy, and won’t There are two approaches to getting followers, very targeted, only add people who you know are in the same niche with you, or people who expressed interest in subjects in your niche, or add people who engage, regardless of the topics they are interested in.

Google+ is not like Facebook, where you only add people if you know them. You can add people even if you don’t know them at all, the platform is meant for that, and it is created to connect people with the same interests. You will get from time to time a message like: “I don’t know you, why did you add me?”. Just remove them from circles, and let them know you did, (always politely). But if you are a Facebook power user, with a lot of followers, you already know how that works. People follow your page, or even your personal profile, if your page seems interesting, and if you have many followers. It’s the authority that creates even more authority.

*These are my two methods of growing my circle with engaging people.*
I discovered these two methods, and I believe they are the best methods.

How do I find engaging people?

How do I find engaging people on Google+ is the next logical question. Search for hot posts with many pluses and many comments, ideally in your niche, and start adding people from that post. It is that simple. They usually add you back. Trust me this is very effective. The easiest way to add people from posts is with Circloscope.

How do I find people in my niche?

This is my newest idea on how to get more targeted circles. The idea is to filter a bit the people you add in circles, and to add only people who are sharing the same interests with you.
Go to Google, the search engine, and search for a keyword in your niche. In the search results, look for the rich snippets, where it shows an author. Simply click on the author’s picture and this will bring you to the Google+ profile. Add the author in your special/niche circle.
These will be the people you want to engage on your posts. They will bring the most authority to your author rankings for that specific niche. Don’t think of them as competitors, engage in their posts, help each other establish authority. Look at it as a synergy, and as a community work. You help each-other increase your authority. It is a social network, at the end of the day…

Why Not Just Add A Lot of People?

Well, you have a limit of 5000 people per account, in other words, you cannot add more than 5000 people in your circles. That sucks, isn’t it? No, not really. You don’t need to have in your circles more than 5000 people, normally, you can’t efficiently communicate with more than a few hundred people, unless you are a genius. So if you have 100.000 followers, is totally fine, but you can’t have more than 5000 in your circles. That means you need to be a little selective.

I have heard people who added indiscriminately people in circles, so that they could be added back. Then, once they were added, they removed everyone from their circles. This way they increased their followers number. I strongly advise you against this, if you ever thought about doing it. Even if you don’t care about ethics, you will be penalized by Google, and your following might end up useless. So, don’t.

Circle Sharing for More Followers

Circle sharing is very used by many authorities on the Internet. However, I believe that there is a lot to improve on the way it is presently used. The shared circles I’ve seen lately, are just a bunch of people who are considered engagers or authorities. There are a few ways to use shared circles to get circled more:

  • You add yourself to the circle, and share it on a new post. This ensures you are in the next circle re-share/re-post, but it doesn’t ensure any re-shares, re-posts.
  • You find a circle that has less than 500 people, and ask the poster to add you on the next shared circle version. Usually, you have to demonstrate you are an engager, so you will have to repost, comment, plus one, the respective circle. This ensures you are in a circulated circle.
  • The best way, and this is almost not used on Google+, is to create and share interests circles, and share them on communities. Let’s say you are an Internet marketer, you create a circle with all of your Internet marketer contacts on G+, ask them, (using a private message), if they want to be included in a public circle, and then name the circle “The Greatest Internet Marketers”, and share it on an IM Google+ community.



Pinterest Rss Feeds

Pinterest LogoIf you ever wanted to repost your Pinterest pictures, or to reuse the pics on another blog you own, you probably wondered, “What’s the RSS feed address of my Pinterest pages? Other reasons would be to promote your pins outside of Pinterest, so they get a bit more exposure.

Here are the Pinterest RSS feeds: The feed for your entire Pinterest account is:
You should replace the user with your username.

Here is an interesting Pinterest feed:

The RSS Feed of your Pinboards

The rss feed of your Pinterest boards is obtained by removing the trailing / at the end of the URL, and adding .rss to the end of your board’s URL. For instance an interesting board such as will have the rss feed:

That’s all that is.

And make sure you check my article about how to find your unfollowers on Pinterest.